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Oct. 5th, 2005 | 04:12 pm
posted by: inclinatio in kalia_uni

Who: Rufus and Reno
What: Toy gun and tormenting of your boss?
When: Last night.
Where: In and around the dorms.
Warning: Some language. ;p Toward the end.

Like a feral animal, he waited, weapon to his side, eyes hidden by a pair of black goggles. Instead of the usual blue suit, he took on his black in order to blend more in the evening shadows. He was pressed up against the side of a closet, a small slit his only peek hole to the corridor.

This? This was going to be quite sweet.

Whisps of crimson fluttered into his eyes, and he only, gently, shook his head. His bangs flew back, and out of his eyes, allowing him to see clearly.

It was late; where was he?

Rufus was walking down the hall, his boots making his steps rather easily heard. He always was a cocky one, especially in places where he knew no one was going to hop out and try to get him. The blonde was on his cell phone at the moment.

"... yeah... I get it. ..." A pause, then he spoke sounding irritated: "Yes, I'll set it up to receive. Good bye." Click, he hung up the phone and slipped it into his pocket.

And out popped the redhead, gun raised at Rufus.


A long, sucker-tipped rod exploded from the plastic gun's chamber, and flew toward Rufus. In a matter of seconds, it was between the blond's eyes, wibbling bakc and fourth in the momentum of the blast. And the shooter?

He was laughing hysterically. Body doubled over, Reno let out a loud cackled, and stumbled back.


The blonde stopped for a second, startled and eyes actually wide for a change, then went cross-eyed a moment while he tried to see what it was. Then? He calmly plucked the sucker-tipped 'arrow' off his face and walked toward him, seeming perfectly fine except for the fact his eyes were on the ground.

"First... Reno... it's Rufus. Or you may call me 'boss'. And second? Oh you are going to get it." Rufus looked up at him, eyes narrowed. He was going to start running for him in a moment or two, but the Turk might see it coming and be able to get a head start.

But, of course, Reno didn't get as much of a head start as he wanted to. Fumbling in his step, he ran, his heels clattering against the floor. Of course, he had plenty of experience in running, from years of working in the Slums. But no one in the Slums had the kind of shotgun Rufus did, and Reno wasn't about to feel the sting of a double barrel tonight.

Skidding out the front door, the Turk desperately eyed for a place to run to. And when he found a small gutter, he began to climb up the side of the University, his feet and heels dragging into the surface of the building.

Rufus wasn't going to shoot him, he couldn't justify it and hadn't thought of it anyway. No, he just wanted to shove the 'arrow' where the sun didn't shine on him. He took off after him at full speed with a determined look.

But then Reno was climbing up the side of a building. He'd never actually seen something like that happen, but he figured if Reno could do it so could he. Unfortunately for him, his talent did not lie with climbing small gutters. He gave up after a few tries, intent on not looking like a moron.

"Coward. I'm going to get you when you least expect it!" He called up.

Up on the roof, Reno crouched, much like some sort of slum-designed gargoyle.

"Sure you will Ruffie. You'll grow tired soon, and go off to bed, and when you do? I'll be long fucking gone." Grinning, the slum dweller sprawled out on his little ledge. Fingers twisted under his goggles, he pushed them back up into his hair, revealing those glowing irises of his.

"Maybe I should sing your favorite song while I'm up here.."

Rufus pocketed the arrow, into one of those many pockets, and folded his arms across his chest. "Of course." He said mockingly and smirked. Oh he had an idea, a good one. The red head would never see it coming.

"Oh, and what song would that be? The I'm-going-to-beat-Reno song?"

Reno leaned forward, his canines becoming more visible as his sneer increased in size.

"Naw, I'll sing the Rufus is a Faggot song. I know you love that tune, baby.." Sliding his tongue across his canines, the young Turk reached into his pocket. From there, he pulled out a cigarette and cleared his throat.

"Oh, I know this man named Rufus, he's really really gay. He likes to pretend he likes the boobs, and the vagina is his friend. But in the end, my dearest friends, Rufus Shinra has a secret he doesn't want you to know. OHHH. He is a FAG. A fucking FAG. He takes it up the butt from many a male, and he cries like a little bitch drunk on ale. Oh, he's a fag. A little fucking fag. So sad to say, that everyday, he wacks off to gay porn with his Daddy...HEY! Oh, Faggot, poor little FAGGOT."

Rufus' eye twitched, not that the other man could see that from his perch.

He did go ahead and listen to the entireity of the song he'd never actually heard, and when it got to the end? Rufus stuck his hands in his pockets and took a moment to breathe. Reno was really, really irritating. So despite how this might wound his manly pride, he was going to do it. "Charming, Reno." He said sarcastically, then smirked and simply walked inside.

"..That worked."

Reno waited for a moment before, finally, climbing back down the side of the building. Feet firmly planted, he skidded half the way down, before landing on his feet. A yawn followed his land, and soon his hands were deep in his pockets, and he, too, was traveling back inside.

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It's very cute!

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