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Oct. 7th, 2005 | 10:24 pm
posted by: schizangel in kalia_uni

Who: Heather, Seifer and Angela
What: Dates, Conspiracy Theories and what could be the start of a beautiful friendship...
When: Today
Where: Under the shade of a tree in front of the Arts Block
Warning: None, really..Maybe some language but apart from that...

Angela took a left, sitting under a tall tree in front of the arts building. She took out her novel, a sort of self help book on growing stronger which she kept on her person to read at lunch times. The blond man who sat beside her on the grass dropped his gunblade beside him, reclined back onto his hands and watched the sky. It was a very fine day. He was glad to be wearing his short sleeve shirt as the weather was still somewhat warm and he wondered why on Earth Angela wore such thick long sleeved clothes in such weather. You could see that she was uncomfortable in them and yet...
He didn't bother asking her though. She'd probably freak out. She always seemed to freak out, over little things like you shuffling a foot. Weird.
Right now she seemed okay now, with a salad sandwich and bottle of water by her side sitting in the grass and a very worn looking book. He had opted for the chips and soda. Fatty stuff. Stuff he'd be likely to burn off in exercise later. Why were they sitting together? Because some guy had gone and told Angela off in a way that had frightened her senseless and left Seifer to fend for her. Lucky he had been there at the time....And now they sat eating lunch together...and not really talking at all.

Heather had spent much of the morning in the arts building talking with her professor about photography and how black and white photography could be used to its maximum; this was a rather new interest for Heather and, though she really didn't know all that much about it, she still wanted to pursue it. Somehow, she thought it might be a good way to deal with some of the things she'd been through, as well as those things she would face ahead. Or maybe it would just give her something to fall back on if nothing else in her life worked out; either way, she intended to make the most of the class.

Stepping out into the warm afternoon air, she smiled and, halfway down the stairs, she noticed two forms sitting under a nearby tree. An eyebrow arched as she recognized clownie, but she gasped slightly as she recognized the dark-haired woman sitting beside him; really, that was as unlikely a pair as she'd ever think to see and she wasn't sure what to make of it. Her curiosity piqued, she walked over to the two and paused just a few steps away. "Well, don't you two look all comfortable and cozy?"

Angela was reading lines in her book over and over, repeating them in her head as her heart slowed down its rapid thumping from the fright she had been given when she heard the recognisable voice of Heather. Both Angela and Seifer glanced up at her. "H...hi Heather." Angela said quietly, quickly looking up and away from her and burying her nose back in her book.
"Hey." Seifer acknowledged her before taking a drink from the bottle.
"Where'd you just come from?" He asked in a friendly enough manner.

"Hey, Ang." Heather greeted the other woman warmly, but quickly decided to leave her to her reading. Turning her attention to Seifer, she raised her eyebrows as she crossed her arms loosely over her chest. "I just came from the arts building. I was talking with the guy who's going to be my photography prof."

"That sounds fun." Seifer smirked, sitting up and repositioning his gunblade closer to his person for no particular reason.
He watched her for a second before speaking, asking her if she was busy and if she wanted to join them. It wasn't like they were doing much. Sitting. Not really talking. Seifer just wanted to make sure that the shaky Angela was okay.

"It was alright. He seems decent, considering some of the other professors," Heather snickered slightly. Naturally, she agreed to join them and, sitting beside Seifer, she glanced curiously to the weapon with which he was absently toying; it really wasn't like any she'd seen before, but her use of weapons was a bit limited...well....just a bit. Turning her attention back to Seifer, she arched an eyebrow. "So, what are you two up to? It's a bit weird to see you guys together..."

Angela made a small noise as she asked that, and seemed to whisper something to herself in an upset fashion. Seifer glanced up at the brunette before bringing his attention back to Heather. "Yeh...we've met before but...I helped her out a bit...and we're just hanging out for a bit now..." He grabbed the hilt of his weapon as he said that, a sort of annoyed smirk playing across his lips. Not annoyed at Angela but annoyed at the morons that existed in the world.
"Helped..." Angela finally said at last, still not looking up from her book but not really appearing to be reading it.

"Well, I'm glad you helped her," Heather nodded as she tossed Angela a slightly concerned glance. She did know enough not to make too much of it nor to ask too many questions as it seemed a sensitive subject, so she just turned her attention to Seifer and the odd weapon. Her eyebrows arched, she nodded at it. "What's that, clownie?"

"Gunblade." Seifer answered, turning the sword vertically and stabbing the soil with the blade lazily.
"Its the sword I've trained with since I was about 10.." He said, wondering why he responded to Heathers cringe-worthy nickname. He needed to come up with something for her, seriously. "You never seen one?"

"Nope," Heather shook her head. She watched as Seifer stabbed at the soil and, deciding that it'd be safe, she leaned in for a closer look. At first glance, it was fairly obvious how the odd weapon had gotten its name, even if it wasn't something she would have easily imagine being combined. It seemed like it must be a good combination, though, if it served Seifer that long. "I've never seen anything like it. A gun, yea, and a sword, yea, but not combined like that."

"They're rare, I can say that." Seifer said, still keeping the blade in the dirt and his hand around the handle tightly.
"When ya pull the trigger, it sends energy through the blade and makes the strike impact stronger. They're...maybe a little harder to handle then your normal sword but they're good." He spoke.

"Hm, I wouldn't mind trying it sometime," Heather mused as she turned her attention from the gunblade to Seifer. She thought for a moment, then realized that she had, briefly, heard of them before. "Hey, isn't this what you used to fight that weird kid the other day? I remember seeing someone bitching about gunblades on the journal system..."

Seifer smirked. Damn, he really wanted to finish off that fight with Kadaj. It wasn't over. Not for Seifer and he had a feeling that it wasn't over for his potential rival too.
"Sure was." He said.

"Hm, I can see what he was on about," Heather snickered. Just lightly, she ran a finger along the blade, then shook her head. "It does look pretty odd...and like it'd be hard to handle. Then again, it also sounded like this is going to turn into one of those insane 'my dick is bigger than yours' things that last forever..."

Seifer smirked and prodded her one gently on the shoulder. "Yeh yeh. I coulda kicked his ass..." He said, unable to control the prideful tone in his voice.

"Of course you could have, clownie," Heather assured him in her most patronizing tone as she reached to pat him on the shoulder. Not that she didn't believe him, but she couldn't really make a good value judgement without seeing both of them fighting.

"Damn straight, Sweetheart." Seifer said, in a similar tone of voice as he lowered his gunblade to the ground and leant back on his palms. He tilted his head back to look on over at Angela.
"Ang!" He called, the girl lowering her book. "You okay?"
Angela nodded, biting her lip. "What're you reading anyway?"
"N...nothing...." Angela said self consciously, constantly looking and breaking her gaze with him.

"Hey, it's actually lucky I managed to run into you," Heather murmured as something struck her. Turning her attention to Ang, she smiled lightly as she tipped her head on side. "It sounds like you and me have a date coming up, eh?"

Angela smiled, her cheeks turning a faint shade of red as she kept her gaze off of Angela. "Y...yeah...yeah we do." She answered. It was always so much easier talking about the things on the journal system. She always felt embarassed talking in person to anyone. Especially about such topics.

"Any thoughts on where you might want to go?" Heather asked gently. She could see that Angela looked a bit embarassed, but she was being careful to keep it light and simple; no need to make this harder on them than it had to be. "We do still have some to think about it, of course..."

Angela looked up at her and shrugged. "I...was...was thinking about the beach...m...maybe we can shopping, and eat and...go to the beach?"
How cliched. She thought that Heather would probably think that that was stupid and boring. She seemed like someone who would probably like something more exciting then some boring shopping trip and beach outing. She closed her book and placed it in her lap, folding her hands over the cover.
Seifer had lost interest and had gotten up, taking his gunblade up with him and watching in front of him.

"That sounds nice," Heather agreed readily enough. Really, she didn't enough enough about the town to suggest much of anything and she had wanted to see what the beach was like; besides, this wasn't really a date...well, technically, anyway, and she wanted to be sure that Angela would be comfortable with whatever they chose to do. "Maybe we can get something we can ever take down to the beach to eat. Of course, that's as long as we have decent weather..."

For a moment, Heather stared at Seifer's back and she grinned; she had to set up a date with him, too, but that could wait.

"R...really?" Angela actually smiled at that. Of course, she could have been lying to make Angela feel okay but right now she didn't care. She just liked the feeling of being agreed with. "W...we could. What food do you like?" Angela asked.

Seifer, completely turning off to the girls conversation, moved a safe distance away and began doing some light training with the sword. Some swings and outward thrusts. Nothing too flashy or too dangerous.

"Sure, it sounds fun..and it's a good way for us to get to know the town better," Heather nodded as she returned Angela's smile. She tried to communicate that she was being completely sincere in her ansewrs, but she wasn't sure if that was coming across so well. "Well, I like fast food, but if we're going for the real stuff, either Italian or Chinese is always good. Is there something you especially like?"

"oh...I don't really mind. I like...Italian...and fast food." Angela nodded. "A...actually...I like them all." She said with a sheepish smile and another faint blush. "W...whatever you want.." Angela said, watching Seifer then turning her attention back to the girl.

"Well, we can see what looks good," Heather nodded. Leaning back on her hands, she turned her attention to Seifer and, for a long moment, she just watched him practice. Really, she could see that he knew what he was doing and she absently wondered if he could, someday, give her a few lessons. Shaking this thought away, she turned her attention back to Angela. "Maybe we can get ice cream, if there are any nice stands in town."

Angela had turned her attention back to Seifer for a little, feeling comfort in the long moment of silence. A comfort she had not experienced for a long time. It was nice. Seifer seemed so strong. It was scary really and it seemed that she would not like to get on his bad side...She also wondered whether she could become like that. Strong. She wanted to be strong.

"That'd be nice..' Angela nodded agreement. "I...really love Strawberry icecream!" She said randomly.

"Strawberry ice cream is really good," Heather agreed as she smiled sidelong to Seifer. She was still watching him, even if she wasn't consciously doing so; there was just something fascinating about watching him move, watching him use that weapon; it was odd....and a little bit scary. "In a good waffle cone. We'll see if we can find any when we go into town."

"Yeah...that sounds really nice!" Angela said, her gaze now simply watching in front of her. She felt so much better now. Not nearly as scared as she had.
"This..isn't going to be a bad assignment."

"No, I think it's going ot be fun," Heather chuckled. She knew that she should feel bad for the boys in the class who had all got paired up to each other, but she just couldn't manage it; it was funny, damnit, and they'd just have to grow up enough to realize that! She actually found that she'd half want to see some of the reports they'd be turning in, too. "At least we lucked out; most of the guys sound like they're being marched off to their deaths."

'E...especially that Dante guy...I...I think he really annoyed Maria..." Angela nodded. "I...had been trying to get out of her class..b...but she said I can leave when I feel uncomfortable." Angela told her, probably admitting more than she had wanted to. "I....am glad that it changed back..."

"Yea, I can't really blame her for being upset about it," Heather nodded slowly. Tipping her head back, she watched the sky for a long moment before continuing. "I am glad she did change it back, too. I...really hate the idea of you going out with that Walter guy. I'm not really sure why, but I...really don't trust him."

"Y...you were concerned?" Angela asked, tilting her head with curiousity. Her eyes watched Heather, as if trying to see through her head and find some sort of answer in her soul. "I...I was concerned..and disappointed...Because I trusted you thats all." she said quickly before looking away.
She didn't want heather thinking she was gay or anything..

"Mm, I, well, like I said, I really don't trust him and you seem like you have enough troubles...I didn't really want to see anything happen to you," Heather responded candidly, shugging her shoulders. Really, it was just all the talk she'd read on Walter's journal that made her distrust him, not to mention the fact that he seemed to know more about herself and Alessa than anyone outside the cult should know; all in all, not much reason to trust him. "I'm glad you trust me, though, and I'll keep from doing anything too embarassing during our date."

"Okay. Thankyou." Angela said gently, her smile remaining. She was happy that someone was concerned with her. Someone who wasn't her aunt. Who wasn't the counsellor. It was nice.

"I wanna fight like that." Angela said after watching Seifer for a long moment. He never seemed to tire of his well timed swipes and jumps as he manouvered the sword so skillfully.

"Yea, I wouldn't mind learning to be able to do that," Heather nodded as she turned her attention back to Seifer. She watched him manuever the blade and she had to smile; admittedly, she didn't know too much about bladed weapons, but she could tell that the man had no lack of real skill. "Maybe he'd agree to teach us, if we asked nicely enough..."

"I...should probably learn the gun first...he...he'd probably wanna teach you though. He likes you." Angela nodded. She didn't have much proof but he seemed to look at her like he liked her. At least SHE thought he did and her interpretations were often very wrong.
"Dunno about me..."

"I'm sure he likes you," Heather assured Angela as she tipped her head. Not that she had a lot of fact on which to base these things, but it was just a strong feeling she had, when she saw the two of them sitting together earlier. "I don't really think Seifer would have bothered to help you, if he didn't like you. He just seems to have weird ways of showing these things."

"M...maybe he just did that to be nice." Angela said, unsure. "He...did attack that man with the gunblade for me...a little scary but...the man...deserved it I guess." Angela said.

"Man with a gunblade?" Heather asked as she turned her attention firmly back to Angela. Her expression was concerned as she gently laid a hand on the woman's shoulder, but she kept the touch light so as not to be threatening nor frightening. "Though, I'm sure he did it because he likes you. He seems the kid of guy who'd protect the people he likes and...not really so much for the people he doesn't."

Angela flinched a little as Heathers hand came down but she calmed quickly, allowing the woman to touch her.
"N..no...Seifer threatened the man with his gunblade...b..because...he was mean..." Angela explained very slowly.

"Ah, that's good..." Heather nodded slowly. She was curious about it, but she decided not to press Angela on something which might be painful for her. Instead, she tried a bright smile as she tipped her head on side. "I guess it's good to be defended...even by a masturbation clown..."

Angela couldn't help but giggle, a gentle sort of laugh that she tried to hide behind her hand. "He...was strong. The man tripped me and then started to swear at me...because I spilled my food on him and...if Seifer hadn't been there...I don't know.." Angela said, her smile fading again and her brow creasing. "I...I'm still happy though...Seifer wanted me to come lunch with him and told the man that he'd slice him in two." Angela's voice seemed to waver between sad and proud tones as she spoke.

"That's really great..." Heather murmured quietly, her tone oddly proud as she turned her eyes toward Seifer. Sure, she knew the guy could be a bit of a bastard, at times, but that really was sweet of him; she was glad that he'd been there to help to protect Angela and that Angela had been kept from further embarassment and, perhaps, harm. "It's good that he was there to help you, though I think it just proves that he does like you..."

"You think?" Angela said, as if she wanted extra confirmation. It was strange to think that people liked her. People at her school never really did. They had always been the type to laugh at her rather than protect her from the nasty people...

"Yea, I'm pretty sure," Heather nodded as she turned a smile to Angela. She could tell that the girl was uncertain with all this sort of thing and so she was willing to offer as much reassurance as was needed; it was the least she could do for her date, anyway. Smiling at this thought, she tipped her head slightly. "Do you like him?"

"M...maybe." Angela blinked, blushing again. "He's strong and the first person thats ever stuck up for me like that...' She asked shakily. Worried really. It wasn't that she liked him in a bad way, whatever she thought was a bad way anyhow. She did want to be friends though.

"That's good. I think you two can be really good friends, then," Heather nodded as she offered Angela a somewhat calming smile. She didn't mean it in a bad way and, really, she was glad to think that Angela could have a friend like Seifer; she'd probably need someone like him in her life. "You're already getting along so well.

"I...I hope so." Angela nodded agreement. At that moment Seifer jogged back and joined them on the grass, nudging Heather with his shoulder.
"Not talking about me I hope." he teased.

"Just talking about how you had to buy a date," Heather teased him return, complete with a smirk. Tipping her head back, she stared at the branches of the tree under which they were sitting. "though, considering your new rivalry, maybe I shouldn't have contacted Maria so quickly..."

"What, cuz you're a sick woman and think Kadoof and me would look so totally hawt together right?" Seifer teased, emphasising the "hawt" part with his typical sarcastic tone. "And I did not BUY the date, thanks Hezza"

"Well, you already have practice clashing...swords," Heather snickered, putting proper emphasis on that last word. Yes, it was a cheap innuendo, but it amused her too much to pass it up. To the last comment, she chuckled lightly. "Mm, okay. You didn't buy it, but you did have to ask."

Seifer shook his head, with an amused looked across his features. "Hey what else could I do? It was either that or date the teacher from hell." He said.

"Well, you and Maria could have been a cute couple," Heather mused, smirking. "or one of the other kids from the class could've asked you. The extra credit is pretty good."

"Like who?' Seifer retorted. "Walter Sullivan?" He wiggled his fingers in a mock spooked manner before snorting and shaking his head. "You sick sick Hezza. Maria would've looked so much better with you and you know it."

"Hm, you and Walter might be cute. Or you and that weird Dante kid. I bet you'd make a good match," Heather mused in a mock-thoughtful tone. "Though I don't know if I'd go well with Maria; I think she'd rather date with you. She did sound pretty upset when I volunteered to step in." Was she teasing....or not?

"Nah way man. I'm not into creepy over-silent types." Seifer said. "Tch, she did not sound upset." Seifer said shaking his head.

"Hm, what types are you into?" Heather asked far too innocently before snorting a bit at his last comment. "Are you sure about that? Though I guess she was glad she didn't have to get in trouble for dating with one of her students..."

"People without penises." Seifer said bluntly, which caused Angela to squeak, almost snorting the water she had in her mouth out of her nose and stare at him.
"Yeh...I think she was real worried over that, but the Dean seems to know what she's doin'...they haven't reprimanded her over something they should know about and she did say no contact for the one she'd have to go with..."

"Tch, I don't know about that dean," Heather mused as she leaned back on her elbows. Closing her eyes, she fell silent for a rather long moment. She had no real reason to feel overly suspicious about him--or her?--but she was a bit too used to shadowy figures manipulating from the shadows not to be suspicious; it was just too easy to imagine someone pulling them all toward some sinister goal. What that goal might be, Heather had no idea, but it still irked her on some level.

"Yeh...seems a little weird that Maria doesn't even know who the Dean is..." Seifer commented. "I kinda wanna talk to Maria about it..see if we can find something out..." Seifer said, taking another sip from his soda bottle. "Just...I dun like it..."

"Yea, it's...a bit creepy," Heather agreed slowly. She tried to shake off the feeling, but something about it all just left her cold. Could it have something to do with the fact that so many people from Silent Hill gravitating to this place? It was a tenacious connection, but still...

"I really have no idea how we'd find out, though," Heather commented more briskly as she forced herself to seem unconcerned. "I heard even the staff--even the high staff--can't get into see him."

"Its fucking crazy.." Seifer said with a shake of the head. "Theres no info on him on the website, no contact email...nothing...and I'm really wondering why they wouldn't let Sunderland change her assignment." He mused. "It WAS hers...Real dodgy." He had many thoughts running through his mind...many.

"Maybe we should look into it," Heather mused, mostly to herself. She wasn't sure she wanted to get involved in this sort of thing again, but, on the other hand, she really didn't want to sit and watch more bad shit come down on these people; better to leave it to the ones who can handle it...or something.

"Yeh...Make a plan. Work this shit out.." Seifer agreed. "It's just weird and...Yeh.." He frowned.
Angela was sitting in the background, watching them with equal concern. A frown as she tapped the neck of her water bottle against her lip in thought.
"I..its an idea...I...I think we should wait and watch...then...maybe do something." She suggested.

"Yea, I...don't really think we can do anything until we have something to go on," Heather nodded, tipping her head to glance at Angela. She wasn't sure she wanted to let Ang get involved in this, but, then again, it might do her some good to be involved. "It might be best to just get some information to go from, first."

'I...I agree." Angela said with a nod. Seifer glanced and smirked at Angela before returning his gaze to Heather, "Thats why I wanna talk to Maria..ask her a few questions about the application process. Considering it was fucking easy for ME to get in...and perhaps it was the same for you guys.."

"Yea, that's a good point," Heather nodded. It had been almost too easy to come here, especially considering her background. You'd think an orphan with splotchy school records wouldn't really be easily accepted anywhere, but they'd been more than happy to have her. "You talk to Maria and I'll see if I can find anything in the libraries or....anywhere around campus."

Seifer nodded. "Ang. Why don't you help Heather out and I'll see if I can get around to meeting Maria sometime this weekend." Seifer said. "I suggest we don't put this up on the journal system for EVERYONE to see...Maria mightn't think the admin checks it but...i dunno..."

"Yea, best to keep it as private as we can," Heather nodded. Thinking about this, she fell silent for a few moments. "If we have to, we can leave messages for each other, but we need somewhere safe to do that..."

'W...where can we go?" Angela asked, looking from Seifer to Heather and back.
"...Dunno...You guys got Cell Phones? They can't hack phone text messages." Seifer suggested. It was certainly close to paranoia but it was best to be safe...

"I don't have one, but I can get one," Heather shrugged a bit. She did have a little money save up and she had been planning, vaguely, to get one; well, either to get one of those or an iPod, but this seemed a bit more pressing, at the moment. "If that fails, well...no, anything we try to encode in the school's system can probably be broken into..."

"...You don't have to buy one...forget that then..." Seifer shook his head and frowned. "Damn...what can we do...I paid enough attention in them computer classes back at Balamb to know that anything you submit through the school system CAN be viewed...Unless you're a REALLY good computer...person. And i sure as hell aren't one of them."

"Yea, I'm...not really so adpet with computers. I can use one, but when it comes to hacking and encoding..." Heather just shook her head, voicing a slightly frustrated sigh. There had to be a way to do this secretly, without using the computers or phones...or anything else than can be traced. "Well, we should be alright just meeting fairly often--but we can't even do that in the open or people might get suspicious, seeing us together too much. We need....someplace really private to meet where we won't be seen...and having a backup for emergencies wouldn't hurt."

"Yeh...getting together and passing notes...It'd be way too out of character for me considering I'm not the type to pass notes..." Seifer said.
"How about..the forest?" Angela suggested. "I...it's far but...but its quiet and I doubt anyone goes up there much....We can meet there sometimes..and...and sometimes in town?" she added.
"And encoded language...on the journals. We can have a word, or a code name for things..."

"That sounds good," Heather nodded. "If we're careful, no one should know what we're talking about. All this cloak-and-dagger could be for nothing, after all, but, well, it's better to be safe, especially with stuff like this. And there should be more than enough secluded places on this island for us to sneak away to..."

"Yeh..I'd feel pretty stupid if it was all for naught." Seifer couldn't help but grin. "But I do like Ang's ideas..we don't have to meet at the uni all the time.."
"And...as time passes on..maybe it won't be so strange that we meet all the time.." Angela said quietly with a small, shaky smile.

"Yea, once it's pretty clear that we're friends, it won't be too odd for us to be together," Heather agreed, returning Angela's smile. Yes, she was already sure that they'd become friends; hell, if they were doing this, then they'd have to be, right? "and if it looks like we're just getting together to hang out or study or whatever, then it won't be too odd. "

"Exactly." Angela nodded.
"Like we'd wanna be friends with Heather though." Seifer grinned, poking her gently on the shoulder and hoping to bring a little humour to the serious tone that their conversation had headed into. Deep inside he knew they'd probably become close. Hell, he admired Heather and was feeling a sort of weird bond towards Angela. He wouldn't have bothered helping her if he hadn't liked her already...

"Tch, I'm just using you for your gunblade," Heather snickered as she nudged Seifer with her foot. She tossed him a smirk, but it was clearly friendly and teasing. It was odd, but she felt a quick friendship budding with these two and, well, she didn't mind it so much. She'd have to be careful, but she could keep them safe...somehow or another. She wouldn't let anything happen to either of them. "and for the extra credit, of course. Naturally, Ang and I are too good for you."

"SO right."Angela said with an accent. Even she was joining in on the fun and that made Seifer laugh. Genuinely laugh. "Pfft, you know I'm better than you babe." He tossed Heather a wink and nudged her back with his foot. "And Angie, I'm hurt..."
"Sorry Seify Weify." Angela couldn't help but laugh.
She felt so comfortable too. She was experiencing exactly what her aunt had promised her. A new, happy life. A happy time with good friends, and she had a real good feeling about this...

"Tch, poor clownie, he has to hang around us just for the popularity," Heather snickered as she tossed her rather short hair. She offered Angela a smile as she joined in the fun and, much as with Seifer, she found that she had to laugh; it really was just so good to see the woman honestly enjoying herself. "It's a good thing we're so tolerant of him, eh?"

"Absolutely." Angela grinned. "Or else he'd be a loner."
Seifer simply shook his head at her. He was a bit cautious around the brunette considering that she wasn't quiet close to him yet. Funnily enough, he probably would have flipped heather off. In fun of course.
"I bet Heather would be too though..." He snickered.

"Only because I'm too good for all you losers," Heather responded as she tipped her nose up into the air. Okay, it'd probably be more because she didn't want to risk getting close to anyone, but she wasn't about to admit that to anyone, let alone herself. Running a hand through her hair, she smirked. "You're just lucky I let you get to know me, clownie-wownie."

"Did ya hear that Ang? How rude." Seifer snickered. Of course she was snickering too.
"I didn't have to let you get close to me either, Hezza-Bear." He grinned, nudging her with his foot again. "But I did.."

"Tch. Only because you wanted to take advantage of my fondness for clowns," Heather replied, sticking her tongue out at Seifer. "I know how it is. I'm just lucky Ang is nice enough to want to be my friend just for the possibility of getting ice cream."

"Oh just 'cuz I do the whole sexy clown thing so damn well and you know it!" Seifer said, flipping her off as he'd promised himself that he would.
"And...I'm lucky Heather wants to be my friend for the...the chance of getting Chinese food." Angela giggled.

"Well, like I said, green and yellow really are your colors...and a bright red nose is just so hot," Heather snickered as Seifer flipped her off and, rising to his level, she prodded him lightly in the side before turning her attention to Angela. "Well, you know that I'll do anything for good Chinese food."

"Ah don't you know it?" Seifer snickered.
Angela giggled. "And you know what I'll do for Strawberry icecream." and her attention turned to Seifer as he went to tickle Heather....

"Tch. We have to find clownie's weakness, sometime," Heather pointed out to Angela, but any further comment was lost as she got tickled. A bit ticklish along her sides, she squealed and squirmed, trying to backpedal away from Seifer. "H-hey! No fair! Don't make me kick your clownie ass..."

Sienna Rave: Seifer pulled back and pointed to her with a grin. "Ticklish!" He laughed. Angela simply watched with an amused smirk as he wiggled his fingers and laughed. "Got ya back." He sniggered.

"Tch. That's one for you...and don't think I won't get you back twice over," Heather snickered as she stuck out her tongue. She seemed about to say something more when she noticed the time. Frowning a bit, she got to her feet and dusted down her skirt. "Sorry guys, but I gotta run. I have to meet with my counsellor about something. Catch you later!"

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