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..and now for something completely different

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Oct. 14th, 2005 | 03:42 am
posted by: stray_child_ in kalia_uni

Who: Ang and Heather (and a brief bit of Seifer and Zell)
What: An AIM conversation
When: Sometime during their classes
Where: On campus
Warning: Well, Heather's involved so...probably some language.

xangelsflamesx: Umm...hello?

Hezza Beam: ........Ang?

xangelsflamesx: Yes! Is this Heather?

Hezza Beam: Yep. I didn't know you were on this.

xangelsflamesx: Yeah. I um..just signed up? ^^

Hezza Beam: Yea, me too. Nothing better to do in this class -.-

xangelsflamesx: Oh? What class? I'm in Japanese at the moment.

Hezza Beam: I'm in Journalism. I...think the professor might be dead.

xangelsflamesx: I..its that boring? Japanese...is kinda weird. Its really hard.

Hezza Beam: Well, he's not...doing anything. He's been sitting behind the desk and staring at his computer for the last twenty minutes. Yea, I heard Japanese is hard; I'm sure you'll do fine though

xangelsflamesx: R...really? That...sounds really boring!

We're just being made to write out the script over and over again...I'm getting sick of it really. I can't wait 'till break.

Hezza Beam: It is. I was wondering what'd happen if I threw a ball of paper at him, but I figured it'd just bounce off....and I don't want to know what he's doing, probably.

Ah, that does sound monotonous. How much longer to your break?

xangelsflamesx: He might be looking up naughty stuff. Does he have any expression on his face at all? If you threw a ball you'd be able to tell if he was dead or not..

15 minutes. I can't wait. I'm starving.

Hezza Beam: His face is sort of red and sweaty...which is why I really don't want to know what's going on, there....and I'm sort of afraid what might get on whatever I throw at him.

Are you going to the cafe when you're through?

xangelsflamesx: Oh...that sounds disgusting...I..I hope he's not some sort of pig..

Yes I am! I want to pick up a sandwich..maybe..or chips.

Hezza Beam: Yea, I hope not, too, though I'm giving up on learning anything this term. Oh well. Gives me some time to do research.

Want me to meet you there? I could definitely use some caffeine.

xangelsflamesx: Yeah! It can be a bludge class. you could write letters! ^^ I'm...I'm interested to see what my other classes will be like...

That would be really nice. I'd like that. I could go for some caffeine too.

Hezza Beam: Yea, that's what I'm thinking. At least I have this to waste time with...and I can always poke around the school website. >) Heh, me too. I'm kinda interested in the occult class...and even the sex psych should be interesting.

Sure, I'll even treat. I hear they have really good coffee

xangelsflamesx: True! Occult class? Sounds..interesting! We have water sports together too don't we? I..joined that one for excercise. I think I'm getting fat. :/

Sex psych....hmm...I hope it'll be okay.

Oh..no. I couldn't let you do that! That'd be wrong of me.
I do hear they have good coffee..

Hezza Beam: It should...well...at least it should give us an idea of what's going on, what other cults there were and are and such. An idea of what to avoid, if nothing else. Yea, I forgot about that. I'm looking forward to it, too....and I know I need to exercise; I haven't been doing enough physical stuff ever since I came back

Hey, it's no problem. The least I can do for you is to buy you a cup of coffee.

xangelsflamesx: That sounds interesting. Yes. Cults...are scary, from what I've heard of them.

I...I think I've been spoilt at my aunt's place. I've been eating so much! And not good stuff either, if you know what I mean.

A...are you sure? I...don't want to put you out.

Hezza Beam: Yea. They're....scary. Really scary.

Yea, I know exactly what you mean. Since I don't have Daddy, it's been all fast and junk food -.- I really need to change that, too.

It's not putting me out at all. We're friends, so it just seems natural.

xangelsflamesx: You must know a lot about them. I guess it'd be an interesting topic! Maybe I should do one next term...

Yeah. Since I've come here I've been the same. While, living back at...home..My aunt just piles up your plate with food you know? It's the Spanish in us I guess. Always making sure we've eaten enough. ^_^


Hezza Beam: It's...well...yea. I've had some basic knowledge of them and none of it was good. Though it shouldn't hurt to take the class; sounds really interesting, really.

Ahaha, that's kinda sweet, though, that she'd take care of you like that. Though, really, you look fine to me, as far as weight goes...not that I'm a great judge by far.

Heh, no problem at all, Ang.

xangelsflamesx: Of course not. They all sound creepy and fanatical. Have to be careful.

Yeah..its...nice. I'm glad, you know? I've only just started getting to know her but...yeah.

Yeah...I think I've put on some though...you do look fine though! You shouldn't worry! ^^

Hezza Beam: Yea, that's pretty much it. Not to mention that they're misguided, blind, and utterly cruel.

I'm glad you have someone to be there for you, though; she sounds really nice and like someone you'd need to have around for you

Heh, I know I've put on some. The freshmen twenty, sure, but I'd rather not. Oh well...if the sports club goes okay, I might look into that blitzball thing...er...once I learn what it is

xangelsflamesx: Sounds...scary..At least we know not to get mixed up in it right?

I...I'm glad too...I just...yeah..I don't know.

Heh. We should go for an exercise regime then...jogging?
Blitzbal..never heard of it..

Hezza Beam: .....yea. Yea I guess it's safe to say that we both know not to get involved in that. Hopefully, everyone else here knows it, too

Hm, what don't you know?

Heh. Jogging could be good, as long as we don't get bothered while doing it.

Yea, me neither but it sounds pretty interesting.

xangelsflamesx: Exactly. But this place seems safe! I don't think theres a big risk...I hope not..

I..its nothing...I'm just thinking..

Get bothered?

Hezza Beam: Yea, I hope not, too. You're probably right, though. Even the people from before, they'd know better this time

Ah, okay.

Yea, by those stupid jocks and asshole boys. Though, if they do, we could just kick their asses.

xangelsflamesx: Hey, isn't Professor Maria from Silent Hill?

.....Hey? One day I will tell you...about why I'm living with my aunt..so please don't think I'm hiding anything. I'm just...yeah.

I hate jocks. They hated me at high school. YOU can kick their asses. You're stronger than me.

Hezza Beam: Yea, I think so? I'm not entirely sure, though. I know there're a few people from Silent HIll here.

No, it's fine! I'm not ever going to pressure you to tell me anything; let me know when--and if--you want to, alright?

Psht. I bet you can kick a lot of ass on your own...and it'll help with your jock!hate. Plus, it's a great way to let off stress

xangelsflamesx: I...I think I want to talk to her, that's all. About Silent Hill.

Thanks...I..I want to talk but...now isn't the best time. I still have a few minutes left in class...

No..i don't think so. Though I do want to kick jock...ass. I bet you were really popular and they were nice to you though at school, right? ^^

Hezza Beam: That sounds like a good idea; she seems really level-headed and I'm sure she'd be willing to listen.

Hey, I understand. Like I said, whenever you'd be comfortable, come talk with me

Heh, not really. I was more the mallrat type than the cheerleader type the jocks like. Guess I was a bit too.....weird for them ^^;

xangelsflamesx: Y...yeah. Plus...I guess it sounds rude, but I want to know if her experiences were...um...the same...


You're not weird! They're just jerks. I was the girl who sat in the back corner in class and in the library during lunch breaks...drawing and musing...^^;

Hezza Beam: No, it doesn't sound rude at all; you guys can probably learn a lot from each other.

No problem, Ang

That's pretty cool. You must be really good at drawing by now ^^
xangelsflamesx: Maybe. I just hope she doesn't mind if I ask her. Silent Hill was...personal..I guess...Something wrong with it.

Um...I don't really know. I don't think I'm any good at it anyway. But I like it.

Hezza Beam: Yea, there's something...very wrong with Silent Hill, but that doesn't mean we can't use it to learn more about it...and about what exactly IS wrong with it

Well, as long as you enjoy it, right?

xangelsflamesx: I don't ever want to go there again...at least I won against it. And you did too I guess? Not sure if I want to know WHY it is like that...

Y..yeah. I guess. I'm...kinda drawing between writing script and typing actually. XD

Hezza Beam: Yea, I...guess I did win over it, but...well, I just hope it was enough to keep things from happening again.

That's cool. At least you're getting something out of the boring class? XD

xangelsflamesx: As long as you don't go back there I guess...HEY, did you ever meet someone called James? He was...the only person that I met while there....

YES! Thats true! I'm drawing a tree outside.

Hezza Beam: Yea, I'm really hoping that I never have to go back.. James? Yea, that doesn't sound familiar at all. Sorry

That sounds nice. It's really cool that you're into art, even if it's just scribbles and doodling.

xangelsflamesx: Me too. Lets make a promise never to go back...or at least a semi-promise..just in case we wind up there anyway..:/

It's okay. I was just wondering if he got out alive or not....

Do you like art? I wanted to do an art course but I'm too full with all of the psychology ones...Arts just a hobby.

Hezza Beam: Alright, I can do that. I don't plan on going back...unless something draws me or I find someone stuck there.

Hm, no idea. Maybe someone else from SH would know? Maybe even that Maria woman...

Yea, I kinda mess around with digital photograhpy but I'm not really good at it; it's mostly just a way to....well...see stuff in a different way

xangelsflamesx: Yeah. Thats what I'm thinking too...but I think my journeys over. I HOPE so....


Really? Do you do that often? It'd be interesting to see...

Hezza Beam: Yea, I....really hope it's over for us. I don't ever want to go back...or to see anyone else go back into that place.

Worth asking her, anyway.

Not really. I just started messing around with it when I got back from SH. Nothing all that exciting...though I did get some nice pictures of the masturbation clown.

xangelsflamesx: I do too. We..should be careful and make sure it doesn't happen. I can't...see what I saw there again...

I want to see! I never did get to see Seifer in the clown outfit and he won't show me the tape!

Hezza Beam: Yea, I...well, I hope what I did ended it but....I...well, I really don't know. I just hope it's all over.

Sure, I'll bring my camera...well...I have the photography class tomorrow; I can show you some time then?

xangelsflamesx: What you did? Did..you fix Silent Hill?

I'd really like that! And...I can show you my art if you like...

Hezza Beam: I...don't know. I hope so. I think I killed the god but....well...I guess we'll know if it starts up again.

I'd really like that, if you'd be comfortable sharing

xangelsflamesx: The...god? You had to fight a god? I...had to fight daddy.

Yeah! It's okay. I want to draw something for you.

Hezza Beam: Yea, it...well, yea. You had to fight your father?! How...how could you manage that?

I'd really really like that, Ang...and maybe I could take some pictures of you

xangelsflamesx: Please don't tell if you don't want to.
...daddy...was bad. Very very bad.

Pictures...OF me? Really?

Hezza Beam: It's...there's not a lot to tell. I carried and fought the cult-god...and I think I killed it, but I can't ever say for sure

Oh. I...see. I'm sorry for bringing it up

Sure, if you wouldn't mind

xangelsflamesx: Oh..o...okay. I don't really understand, i'm afraid, but I'm glad you survived.

...he...he hurt me a lot and...a lot...I...I'd rather tell you tonight in the dorms..if thats okay...

I don't think I'm good enough to get a photo taken...But if you want...

Hezza Beam: It's okay. I don't know if I fully understand it.

Sure, that's fine...but you don't have to tell me unless you're totally comfort with it, okay?

C'mon. It'll be the best picture of my collection; we could even get some on the beach...or during our date, if you'd like

xangelsflamesx: I...I...I just don't want you to think that I'm bad...if I told you...and I don't wanna talk about it on THIS. Don't want everyone knowing...

I...Okay. That sounds okay. I'd be glad. As long as I get to draw a piccie of you!

Hezza Beam: I understand. Tell me you're comfortable, okay. No rush about it.

....hey, if you're sure you want that, it's fine with me. I'd be honored

xangelsflamesx: I...I guess I am...No. I know I am. I..if we're gonna be friends, I think you should know. Then you can decide whether you still want to know me or know.

Okay. I really do want to.

Hezza Beam: Ang, I doubt this is going to make me not want to know you. It doesn't sound like it's your fault at all, so it's not going to make me want to stop knowing you or anything

Sounds good t--oh shit. Looks like Mr. McPornpants is done downloading...

xangelsflamesx: ...I....okay....I just...It's hard not to think that I was bad...

Oh no! I...is everything okay?

Hezza Beam: You weren't, Ang. You did nothing to deserve whatever happened.

Yea, I think the professor's about ready to wrap this class up. He's finally looked up from his laptop,

xangelsflamesx: Thats what James said too....He said it was wrong, anyway...dunno...dunno..

I..I think we're wrapping up too. Will I see you at the cafe? Maybe...I can talk to you even then...about it..

Hezza Beam: This James sounds pretty smart; I think you should listen to him, but that's just me

Sure, I'll meet you there and, if you want to talk somewhere more private, we can go to the dorms or something

xangelsflamesx: He...I don't know....maybe.

I'd really like that. I'd definently prefer a more private place..

Hezza Beam: Well, just think about it and I'm sure you'll come to the same conclusion

Sure. We can just pick up some coffee then go right back to the dorms? I dont have another class for a few hours, so...

xangelsflamesx: ...I...maybe. It just depends....I...I don't think I'll ever recover.

Neither do I, thank goodness. And I'm sooooo hungry! So...lets pick up something and then...the dorms.

Hezza Beam: Well, maybe not but you can at least take small steps toward feeling better about it, right?

Sure, that sounds good. We can pick up a coffee and a...sanwhich or something. Though not the sloppy joes.

xangelsflamesx: Yeah..thats what my psychologist says. :/

Sounds good. Sloppy Joes=GROSS. Much hate for them.

Hezza Beam: Maybe you should listen to him...or her then. You're a strong woman; I'm sure you'll be fine, Ang.

Yea. They're....I can't even look at one without my stomach turning.

xangelsflamesx: You're really nice to me, Heather. I hope we can stay friends.

Me too. They just...augh.

Hezza Beam: We will, Ang. I promise you.

Yea. It's....I'm not even going to say what they make me think of.

xangelsflamesx: ...okay.


Hezza Beam: Trust me. We'll always be friends, okay?

Just.....something really gross from my time in SH. It's sort of sad: sloppy joes and pink rabbits creep me out but I can face down a Closer without flinching -.-

xangelsflamesx: Okay.

Oh! I won't ask, then. Well...fire scares me...and I hate cute grinning dolls....not that they were in Silent Hill....but...

Hezza Beam: Mm, it's alright. I guess we all still hold marks from it, even now. Hahaha, it kinda sucks that even escaping we're not free.

xangelsflamesx: That's so true....thats really true. Whenever I see fog I freak out too..

Hezza Beam: Yea, seriously. Hahah, I used to love the mall in my hometown; now I can't stand to even be in the parking lot. And amusement parks...

xangelsflamesx: I see. It's funny how everyones experiences are diffrent. Thats what makes me so curious...

I REALLY hate stairs. Any stairs. I do anything to avoid them.

Hezza Beam: Yea, it's...I don't know. It seems like Silent Hill changes for everyone. Some guy I met there even said as much...

Small children. HATE them. Babies, too. Which makes me a queen of bitches but...well..yea

xangelsflamesx: Yeah. Pretty much the impression I got. Except James could see the flames too at one stage...um..I'll tell you later about that...Still don't understand the significance of them...

R...really? It's not bitchy. They kinda annoy me too.
So apartment blocks, fire, stairs...much hate.

Hezza Beam: Sure, I'd appreciate anything you can tell me. I'm...sort of curious what other people experienced but I know that no one'd probably want to talk about it; hell, sometimes I don't even want to think about it

Kids, babies, fetuses....pretty much anything having to do with kids and reproduction. Religion. Gods. Just....yea. There's so much when I think about it...so I just don't

xangelsflamesx: Which is why I'm unsure about asking Maria. She seems...okay...

We shouldn't have to think about it if we don't want to...I...I don't like to think of them.

Hezza Beam: Yea, she seems really alright. Maybe she'll be willing to open up to someone else from Silent Hill...or who at least when through Silent Hill

Yea, I....heh, it's not healthy but I try to avoid it. A bit hard, but, well, at least here there's not a lot to remind me....Well, there wasn't until some jackass decided to call a Silent Hill reunion here

xangelsflamesx: Mmmhmm...she seems really outgoing...makes me wonder why she was even THERE.,...

I'm curious about the reunion...not sure what it means.
O..oh! Seifer has my SN! Silly man. He keeps sending me pictures of clowns. XD
Hezza Beam: Yea, I...don't know. She doesn't seem much like anyone else I know from Silent Hill...not that I really know many people.

Yea, I...don't know. I'm kinda freaked out by it. can't say I like it so much

The Cabbage Patch kid has a sn? Heh, that's useful information

xangelsflamesx: I...I only know of you and Maria. And Maria is...she's so....I don't know. It's like she has no problems...

Well...take care...

Yep! xseiferkicksassx
He's so up himself.

Hezza Beam: Yea, I only know you...and Ally and Vincent. That's really it.

Take care?

I'm...so not surprised that he chose that. HOW large is his ego... -.-

xangelsflamesx: I don't really know those people...

Um..well you sound unsure. And...most Silent Hill people are...like me...and...yeah...I don't know..

I KNOW! I think it's the size of the moon! He thinks he

xangelsflamesx: 's so good! Shit, just got knocked..

Hezza Beam: Well, I can introduce you to Ally sometime, if you'd like; I think she'd really like you.

Oh, no. I didn't mean you. You seem...really nice, especially for a person who had to go through Silent Hill

Tch. Someone needs to bring him down.. You got knocked?
xangelsflamesx: Oh? I'd like that.

Really? I...yeah...

YOU CAN!! Oh my goodness...he just asked me if I would date some guy called Zell for $200 because Zell can't get a girl...O_o Can you kick him for me?
Yeah..girl next to me. It's okay.

Hezza Beam: Sounds good to me. I think you both need more friends, anyway.

Yea, definitely. You're a cool woman. I'm glad I met you, at least

Yea, I'll kick him good next time I see him...or maybe I'll see if that Zell'll date Seif for $200,

Psht. Hope the girl apologized, at least

xangelsflamesx: I...I would reallylike that. I still haven't found that Yazoo man to apologise to him for being so rude...

I'm glad I met you too!

Hee! I bet Seifer would love to date him too! XD I just told him no..and now he's talking about some womans ass...oh...He NEEDS kicking!

She did, she was really nice. ^^

Hezza Beam: Well, you can meet Ally and then look for that Yazoo guy? I'm sure you'll have plenty of friends before long, but doesn't hurt to get a slow start

Man, I'm going to find this Zell's sn and ask him XD ....that slimy little bastard. I'm kicking his ass as soon as I see him

Aww, I'm glad ^^

xangelsflamesx: Okay sure. I hope I'll get along here. Don't want it to be like high school really...

XD Do it Heather! I know! He's being a perv! I don't want to know about this womans ass! XD Actually he only mentioned it twice...And something about proposing to marry a carrot. XD I'm so confused. At least he's having fun...

Hezza Beam: I'm sure you'll be fine and if you do need any help, I'll do anything I can, okay?

Heh, doing it now. Let's see what happens... XD Wait, this Carrot is the ass he's talking about.....?

xangelsflamesx: Thankyou! I..hope you don't think I'm annoying like that though...

Oooh! Can't wait to see the outcome!
Umm...what if I said yes?

Hezza Beam: Annoying? Not at all! I'm glad if I can help you out

...hahaaha, I...think that's a no... XD

.....I'd probably be really really amused.

xangelsflamesx: Thanks Heather. Let me know if I can help you in any way too. ^^

Hee! Really?

....be amused. He's talking about it again. X_X Why?

Hezza Beam: Sure, of course. I'll let you know if I think of anything ^^

Heh, well, I just got a string of curses...as well as asking who the fuck I am, so...

....because he's a sick, obsessed fuck. He really should notice something OTHER than a person's ass.

xangelsflamesx: Okay! ^^

Wow...really? What a nice, approachable man...

Obsessed? With a carrots ass? I'm going to ask him if he likes the carrot....is that okay?

Hezza Beam: Yea, really. Though, since he doesn't know who it is....

Sure. If...you want to ask him about it. Could be...interesting

xangelsflamesx: I guess...I guess I'd be a little worried too if someone randomly imed me...

I will!

Hezza Beam: Yea, that's true. I wonder if many of the people on campus have aim....

Alright though I'm not sure I want to know his answer -.-

xangelsflamesx: Yeah...I...don't know too many people so I'm not sure.

Hmm...waiting for a reply...

Hezza Beam: Yea, but it's a good way to get to know people..or to pass a boring class

Heh. Maybe he won't even reply

xangelsflamesx: He said that he thinks the carrot is hot and has great personality and he wouldn't mind taking her out...SO confused...SO SO confused...

Hezza Beam: ............

xangelsflamesx: And...the carrot has a great ass. I'm now in hot debate over the fact that carrots don't have asses..

Hezza Beam: .......

xangelsflamesx: Are you okay?

Hezza Beam: Um, yea.

xangelsflamesx: Are you sure?

Hezza Beam: I think I gotta go. The prof is doing a walk around and I don't wanna get caugh

xangelsflamesx: .....oh....Did I do something bad?

xangelsflamesx: I'm sorry...

Hezza Beam: No, not at all. Just don't want to get either of us in trouble with the Prof

Hezza Beam: I don't know if they like the idea of us chatting during class

xangelsflamesx: I'll see you later? At the cafe? We can talk....

Hezza Beam: Sure, I'll meet you there. My treat, remember

xangelsflamesx: I remember. See you soon. ^^

Hezza Beam: 'k. See ya

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