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Oct. 23rd, 2005 | 01:43 pm
posted by: desirious in kalia_uni

Who: Vergil and Maria
What: A chance meeting...
When: Mid-afternoon, while Maria heads on up to her office
Where: On Campus
Warning: Umm...Well...Don't really know yet..

He'd been on his way to the library, to study for his Occult paper, when he'd felt it. The presence of another demon. Not Dante, he could tell that much right away, but a lesser to either twin. Vergil had almost dropped his books as he spun around in an attempt to find the source. A creature of the flesh, he could tell, but not a part-blood... perhaps a wraith? But what, he wondered, would a wraith be doing here of all places?

Maria was on her merry way to her office, listening to the sounds that her heels made on the concrete as she walked. She was happy, having recieved her very first paycheck, and having bought a very good coffee and a very good burger (at least she hoped), she was going to and hole up and eat...for the first time in a few days. obscure Silent Hill demon types tended not to have much money...

And there she was. Striding towards the building he stood near, completely oblivious, it seemed, to all around her. Typical. Sad. Had she been there, and he had been Dante, she'd have a bullet through her head, and a blade going to her neck. But fortunately for her, he wasn't, and instead of seeking to vanquish her, he was curious... She looked like a teacher, after all. But she was a demon, which caused him to simply walk right into her path and wait for her to notice him, or to slam into him, taking to shoving his books into his messenger bag to make himself look preoccupied.

Cult members and demons on the faculty. Could it get any better?

Maria looked down at her coffee, watching the dark substance slosh around inside the cup. She hadn't decided what sort of coffee was to her taste just yet. She hadn't been too fond of the really milky coffee, so had decided to give the really dark coffee a go.

As she looked back up, she noticed a young man standing in her path. The only thing that made her take particular notice of the man was his very white coloured hair.
No biggie. There were also men with silver hair on campus.
He just looked like another student, and so she went to walk straight past him...

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