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Oct. 30th, 2005 | 02:50 am
mood: crazycrazy
music: FFVII : Advent Children Soundtrack - One-Winged Angel
posted by: glyphknight in kalia_uni

Who: Sieg and anyone who wants to join in on the legion-dodging fun!
What: Sieg trying to train and then trying to get his crazy legions under control.
When: Uh... now?
Where: Inside and outside his dorm, #27.
Warning: Some angry Sieg words and violence I suppose.
(This is open, so join in if you wish! *begs*)

Sieg rested his armored arm on his desk. He was ready to try this, right? He'd been training almost every day since he got to Kalia, and the years before that of course. That should be enough to try. The Knights of St. Overia were known for having a stubborn streak. And he was determined to be able to use his legions more efficiently.

Taking a deep breath, he readied himself and threw his glyph-arm out. Three Guilts appeared before him in the form of a sudden blue fire, and then formed themselves into the familiar shapes of the blue demonic swordsmen. They stood stock still as he had ordered them to, floating many inches off the floor, their burning flame tails casting a soft blue light.

"Alright. So far, so good." he said to them as much as himself, and readied the second try. He focused his mind on the Guilt crest more clearly and threw his arm out again. 2 more appeared, making 5, the most he had ever summoned at once. The new arrivals appeared in the same blue fire form. Their tails were also blue, signaling their defensive status. As they stood in a half-moon line, Sieg carefully moved some unopened boxes from when he had moved into the dorm under his bed. Thankfully, he hadn't unpacked much (not that he had much to actually unpack) which left enough room for the extra legions. All he had found the time to do is hang up his sword collection from over the years. He figured it would be okay to do this in the dorms, anyways. If it failed, all of the legions would just disappear, nothing big. It was a little dark at the moment too, and he was afraid he wouldn't be able to find the path back to his dorm at night, as he still wasn't used to the surrounding aread yet.

This time for extra protection, Sieg drew the Blasphemy crest on the palm of his glyph-arm, to add power to the summoning. Another deep breath and arm-throw later, 3 more legions arrived, giant red orbs floating at head-height. They arrived in an orange flame, and momentarily turned blue before sticking to orange.

Sieg tried ordering the Blasphemies into defensive mode, but they remained stubbornly in offensive mode. The Guilts by them shivered, and their flame tails shifted to a deepening red.

"No! Defensive!" He said, concentrating on the crests. It wasn't working... how could this be too much power for him? Was it because he had tried to do two different legions at once? He tried to order them to move, and they wouldn't do that either. With a sigh, he closed his eyes as he began to dismiss them.

A rumble caused him to snap open his eyes to see one of the Blasphemies twitching. The Guilts were all looking at him strangely. "DISMISS! DISMISS!" He approached the shaking Blasphemy angrily and tried to dismiss it manually with glyphs. It shuddered against his hand, and with a warning tick Sieg slid backwards before it exploded, hitting his swords off the walls and into a crumbling mess on the floor. Black scorch marks dotted the walls that had luckily not caved in, and smoke rose throughout the room.

"SHIT!" He said, before chaos ensued. The Guilts swung their swords at once, cutting his only desk in two and absolutely shredding the bed. Three charged towards the door, slamming it open with the 2 remaining Blasphemies in close tow.

"SHIT!" He said again, grabbing his ownly useable sword from behind the shattered splinters of the desk and running off into the hallway after them.

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