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On a remote little tropical world, there exists a reknowned University known as Kalia University.

It was established many years ago after the uninhabited dimension was discovered by a group of travellers who took a wrong turn while touring the known worlds. It was decided that, as many of the different worlds had their own horrible conflicts, that by building a university on this uninhabited world the youth could study in peace without dealing with the problems of those worlds. A new town could be created and an initiative would be put forward to build a more co-operative future for everyone
Of course...its not really working...
Kalia is a haven, for both villains and hero's to escape from their worlds for whatever reason and to get a good education.

But how will they fare?

Please look at the following links for application and RP information
Basic Information
Location and Job Application List
Dormitory List

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The OOC community can be found at kaliauni_ooc.
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